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Tianchang YuanAn machinery co., LTDYuanAn professional manufacturingOver the years, we a few hundred enterprises with pump valve series products,Liquid spray products、Cyclone washing productsOver the years we have provided a series of valve products for hundreds of enterprises, liquid injection products, washing cyclone products
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Tianchang YuanAn machinery co., LTDPump valve series productsThe wine pump,Self-priming pump,Axial flow pump,Starch pump,High temperature and thick slurry pump,Detachable type pipeline pump,Pump valve parts, etcWine pump, self suction pump, axial flow pump, starch pump, high temperature concentrated slurry pump, detachable piping pump, valve fittings etc.
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Tianchang YuanAn machinery co., LTDBig flow pump productCZProcess pump,Axial flow pump,Corn transfer pump,The evaporator forced circulation pump
CZ flow pump, axial flow pump, corn transfer pump, evaporator forced circulation pump, etc.
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Tianchang YuanAn machinery co., LTDHealth pump products
Food grade sanitary pump,Health self-priming pump, etcFood grade sanitary pump, self priming pump, etc.

Pump valve,Liquefied steam injector,Products such as washing hydrocyclone provider:YuanAn machinery

The company products are widely used in chemical industry、Starch、Brew、Pharmaceutical、Paper making、Environmental protection、The oil、Sugar、Food、Electric power and other industries,And acid、Alkali、The salt solvent transfer and processing flow of the ideal product。