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We have in this line of business20Years of experience。
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Our products are long service life3000Hours
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We accept all kinds of payment,Payment terms can be negotiated。
The advantage of fujian reaches
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Fujian quanzhou city da machinery manufacturing co., LTD,Is located southeast of fujian coastal economic developed a famous overseas Chinese hometown quanzhou city in fujian province,Is a collection of forging、Machining、Heat treatment、Research and development、Sales、Service into a professional company manufacturing machinery accessories,Specializing in the production of bolts,The chain,Roller,Drag chain,Guide wheel,Drive gear,Shaft sleeve mechanical chassis parts, etc。 Fujian machinery was founded in the early 1990 s,Ten more years diligent farming ceaseless,Has now begun to take shape,It happened65000Square meters of modern standard workshops and various kinds of advanced production equipment at home and abroad,Possess25Tons000000-00-0-0-0-0600Tons of forging equipment60More than one,All their dynamic multistep water-cooled heading,CNC machining lathe,Intermediate frequency,Controlled atmosphere of microcomputer automatic mesh belt furnace heat treatment,High-precision mold processing center,With magnetic particle inspection machine,Material testing machine,Metallographic microscope,With independent research and development and test the product and other comprehensive ability。And in2aa000Years passedISO9001:2008The international quality management system certification。At present,Company employees500More than one,The high-level management and technical personnel80People,High-end technology、Avant-garde,Innovative management mechanism、Flexible,Management system system、Perfect。 Fujian machinery to heavy industry science and technology as the main body,With industrialization change as an opportunity,Aiming at the revitalization of the international heavy industry field,A high starting point,High pace,Quality win。Min da machinery company leading product engineering mechanical chassis parts、Network frame plate、Selling car accessories such as southeast Asia and Europe and the United States market,With its perfect quality,Favored by the majority of users trust and praise。 Throughout the year… More and more
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 Tree fujian reaches one hundred,A world brand,Drill the subtle thing,For sustainable development

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